The discussion about late nitrogen applications in corn and wheat keeps rolling on this week’s edition of the Word thanks to plenty of feedback and thoughts from you! Edwin, Wayne, Nick, Jamie, Mark, Pete, David — your thoughts and questions are among the topics RealAg resident agronomist Peter Johnson covers in this week’s discussion on nitrogen application and overall soil fertility.

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  • Thanks for all the responses to last week’s nitrogen discussion!
  • Spreading manure on pasture in late November is a no-no — too much potential for offsite movement!
  • While you might be able to get away with applying nitrogen for wheat and corn up front at planting, split application makes much more sense from an environmental standpoint, as noted by Edwin.
  • More discussion about Y-drops vs side dressing vs stream nozzles.
  • What’s the difference between urea and 28-0-0 on wheat? Urea might be cheaper but 28 generally has a yield advantage of 2.5 bu/ac, notes Peter.
  • Why do fields with low testing soil still produce high yields? Difficult to define, but placement and timing are critical. Oh, and the right weather, too.
  • Discussion about how strip till impacts wheat fertility.
  • And several other fertility related topics — wheat on corn silage vs soybean ground, inconsistencies in soil test results and more.
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2 thoughts on “Wheat Pete’s Word, Dec 10: Nitrogen Questions and Big Yields from Low Test Soils

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  2. Hello Pete – I am having difficulty getting into your site on the internet – my name is Doug Penhale, and my e mail address is [email protected] – I can’t figure out why I can’t get into your weekly information sessions – can you send me information on how to do it and keep is simple – I am 73 and the grey matter is stretched and the filing system is quite disarranged if you get my drift. I am finding that all the info I have heard before from this site and I am unable to get the latest version which I find so interesting. Thanks for your help here – perhaps my information should be just scrapped and redone again but I can’t change my email address. Your help is appreciated.

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