Year: 2015

It’s Time for a “Big Picture” Data Revolution in Canadian Agriculture

The amount of data we can collect on farms has grown exponentially over the last decade or two. Whether it’s through yield monitors, images captured by satellites or drones, smartphone apps or RFID sensors, our ability to track and record what’s happening has come a long way from the pocketbooks of earlier generations. And there’s good reason… Read more »

Ontario Oat & Barley Growers Vote to Join GFO

Barley and oat farmers in Ontario have voted in favour of being represented by Grain Farmers of Ontario. “We are pleased to announce that barley and oat production in Ontario is anticipated to be represented by Grain Farmers of Ontario by July 1, 2015,” says Barry Senft, CEO of Grain Farmers of Ontario. The Ontario… Read more »

TechTour: Getting Good Flotation from Skinny Sprayer Tires

How do you make a skinny tire that damages as little crop as possible but doesn’t just cut through soft soil like a knife through butter? The key is having a flexible sidewall that allows the tire’s footprint to expand. “Basically the ability to make the tire as flexible as possible means you can carry a much higher… Read more »

Current and Connected: Sask Young Ag-Entrepreneurs to Co-Host January Conference in Saskatoon

Saskatchewan Young Ag-Entrepreneurs (SYA) is partnering with the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors to host this year’s Current and Connected Conference and AGM, taking place January 7-8 at the Sheraton Cavalier Hotel in Saskatoon. Registration for #currentandconnected15 is filling up fast! Get yours in today by emailing [email protected] @CAFANET #youngag @SKAgriculture — Sask Young Ag… Read more »

Creating a Culture That Moves Your Farm Business Forward: Former CEO of Walmart Canada

Have you ever thought about the workplace culture on your farm or within your business? Good or bad, a culture will exist whether a manager or CEO has intentionally thought about it or not, says the former CEO of Walmart Canada. Culture is what drives a business — it’s the fabric of an organization, explains Mario… Read more »

Wheat School: A Look at 30 Years of Wheat Production in Ontario via Wheat Pete

Peter Johnson, cereal specialist with Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, will be moving on after February 4, a day that marks 30 years with the ministry. But, it doesn’t sound like Johnson will be retiring from agriculture any time soon. “We have to get back to that thought process of protecting the soil and… Read more »

Following Along on the #farm365 with Andrew Campbell

Are you ready to get farming? Alarm goes off at the same time each morning so we can start milking around 5. #farm365 — Andrew Campbell (@FreshAirFarmer) January 2, 2015 Curious about what happens on a dairy and grain farm each and every day? Farmer from southwestern Ontario and monthly columnist here at Real… Read more »

Western Canadian Livestock Producers Can Defer Tax on Cattle Sales

Livestock producers in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, who faced forage shortfalls due to extreme weather events this last year, will be allowed to defer tax on their cattle sales for 2014, says Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. There is a list of designated regions where tax deferrals have been authorized for 2014 — see… Read more »

Wheat School: Still Good For You — Research Counters Popular Claims About Wheat’s Nutritional Value

With the rise in gluten-free and low carb dieting, wheat has received a bad rap and developed a nutritional reputation that it doesn’t deserve, says a cereal research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Based at the Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals in Winnipeg, Dr. Nancy Ames is concerned consumers are not realizing the… Read more »