It’s hard to believe that a mere century ago, Canada was still in the process of installing phonelines. In fact, in February of 1916, Montreal and Vancouver were connected by telephone for the first time ever, a feat that took over 6700km of circuit. The first flip phone appeared 80 years later, followed closely by the first “smart phone” (though no one called it that, then).

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Big orange telephone
Shaun Haney and Lyndsey Smith, with “Manitoba Bluetooth,” an oversized orange telephone (that plugs into your cell!), at CropConnect 2014.

Today, nearly half of the world’s adult population owns a smartphone, often tethered to nothing but our own compulsive tendencies. And it’s no wonder, looking at what phones have to offer us today. Apps continue to evolve, providing entertainment, improving productivity, and giving us the resources we need to make daily business management decisions.

In this episode of AgNerds, Shaun Haney meets up with Peter Gredig (AgNition) and Mike Cowbrough (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs), after their “Applicable Apps” presentation at the SouthWest Agricultural Conference. The trio discuss the evolution of apps, and the changing expectations from mobile users.

Special MentionsPest Manager, CashCropper

One thought on “AgNerds: Ever-Evolving Tech, Apps and Expectations

  1. I enjoyed this discussion. My favourite ag app is Pest Manager, I’d say I use it for 8 months of the year. My favourite app other than Twitter is NBA Gametime. One pet peeve are apps which assume you have a smartphone. I prefer a mini iPad. So often, some apps, only work in the up right mode. I much prefer the landscape mode, really the reason I don’t have a phone. However, I find myself having to hold the mini iPad like phone to read the app. I don’t prefer that.

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