When a business expands into international markets, it faces a whole new set of challenges ranging from culture and language barriers to politics and regulation. For Farmer’s Edge, a global provider of precision agriculture and variable rate technology, even things we take for granted in North America — like cell signal, or relatively fast adoption of technology — complicate business abroad.

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“I think that there are some geographies where the adoption of technology has been a little bit slower than others,” says Ron Osborne, of Farmer’s Edge, in the following interview with RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney. “So, it presents opportunities for companies like Farmer’s Edge to come in and really help bridge that gap and bring them into, really, modern agriculture.”

RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney in conversation with Kevin Grant and Ron Osborne of Farmer’s Edge. Filmed at Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany.

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