Technology that enhances how we view and experience information is always changing. Whether it’s John Deere’s combine simulator or Magic Leap’s proposed “cinematic reality” device, companies are trying to create interactive life-like experiences for users or potential customers.

You might think it’s the kind of stuff you have to go to a tech show in Las Vegas or maybe Agritechnica in Germany to see, but it’s a lot closer than that.

In fact, augmented reality was part of at least one display at the Crop Production Show in Saskatoon last week (and again at Ag Days in Brandon this week). The exhibit for Green Aero Tech — a UAV service company started by two brothers who grew up on a farm near Carman, Manitoba — featured a glorified sandbox that served as a real-time 3D model for topography and drainage mapping.

In this video, Scott Hiebert, director of operations for Green Aero Tech, demonstrates how they use AR technology to help landowners understand issues related to topography:

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