I was fortunate enough to attend the Wednesday night VIP Premiere of the new documentary License to Farm. The film focuses on the agriculture industry’s need to maintain social license.

The attendees were very excited about the film. I was able to talk to many of the attendees and get their immediate reaction to the film post showing…

One of the farmers that was showcased in the movie was Saskatchewan farmer, Dale Leftwich (follow him on twitter).  I chatted with Dale (also a big fan of RealAg…the smart man that he is) after the movie and talked about why farmers advocating for social license is so critical to the future of agriculture… 

I also took the opportunity to speak with Alexei Berteig, one of the filmmakers. He had some major takeaways from creating the film…

Below are some pictures from the event.

One thought on “Behind the Scenes Coverage of the VIP License to Farm Premiere

  1. Would someone please explain why Health Canada has increased the amount of allowable roundup on our food supply when it is known to be a carcinogen or does Monsanto and the feds really not care about people??

    Why has the Federal Government fired researchers that have spoken up about the problems with roundup?
    We need public funded research in this country to keep BIG CORPS honest!!!

    Why are the chemical companies using farmers as messenger boys to try and cover up for them? If everything is on the up and up then why aren”t they spending their own money to promote themselves??

    Do we really want the big ag companies controlling AGRICULTURE?? ( genetics of all food products)

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