SaskCanola Launches "License to Farm" Advocacy Documentary

SaskCanola launched the premier of a 30 minute documentary today, at Crop Production Show in Saskatoon. It’s hoped the film, titled License to Farm, will motivate farmers to join conversations about food, and become advocates for the industry.

“It is crucial for the future of agriculture in Canada that industry members – particularly farmers – take a seat at the table when it comes to conversations about food,” said Janice Tranberg, executive director, SaskCanola. “License to Farm is designed to give farmers the tools and information they need to continue to earn consumer support and strengthen relationships with the people who eat the food that they produce.”

The film will be public at starting at 12:00pm CST on January 15, 2016. A live Twitter chat will be held from 12-1:00pm CST using #LicenseToFarm.

License to Farm was supported by SaskCanola, the Government of Saskatchewan and the Government of Canada.

Can’t see the embedded interview with Janice Tranberg? Find it here. And check out License to Farm (above, and available at

One thought on “SaskCanola Launches “License to Farm” Advocacy Documentary

  1. We know exactly what if happening. We know the chemicals on our food. Activists do it well and truthfully, and this scares you. You are not listening. Farmers do not dictate what we eat. Consumers do. Deal with it, change if you must, because the activism is not going to go away until cancers and other diseases do, and it does not matter what you state, because people will move towards that which they know for sure is clean and safe. Even if GE is safe, the corporate control of the food supply, and the pollution of GE that is NOT reversible is reason enough. But when you BS people with Lynas stating plants have always modified, while that is true, horizontal transfer is much different than vertical inheritance. I am thrilled this video is out, and will aid the anti-GMO activism in ways you apparently have no clue.

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