In the ongoing quest to boost spraying efficiency, North Dakota-based Summers Manufacturing has developed a unit designed to cut down on fill times by preloading chemicals before the sprayer comes in for a pit stop.

“When the sprayer (operator) pulls up, all he has to do is hook the hose up to the sprayer, fire up the 3-inch pump, induce the chemicals and fill the sprayer in 6.5 to 7 minutes, and the sprayer’s ready to go out again,” explains Summers’ Ben Sander in the video below, filmed at Manitoba Ag Days in Brandon last week.

With total capacity of 240 gallons (available in combinations of 40 and 80 gallon stainless-steel tanks), up to six chemicals can be apportioned and stored separately to avoid premixing. Each compartment features a jug rinse system that doubles as a tank rinse, explains Sander.

He says they’re taking orders for the new filling system, with list prices ranging from just over US$15,000 to around US$26,000, depending on optional pump, scale and flow meter features. Sander says the first units will be built and delivered before the start of the 2016 spraying season.

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