A Winnipeg-based company thinks farmers might find value in going back to steel wheels.

The yellow 12″x16.5″ steel skid-steer wheels made by Evolution Wheel were on display in the Inventor’s Showcase at Ag Days in Brandon, Man. last week.

“Evolution Wheel was designed for the user who needs to accomplish traction and address tire puncture issues,” explains owner Derek Hird in the video below.

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Listed at around $6,000, he says the wheels are an alternative to the more expensive option of switching from rubber wheels to tracks.

Brush clearing, fence installation and manure removal are some of the situations where the wheels could come in handy, Hird says.

“The biggest problem you have with a skid-steer is traction. As soon as those wheels start to slip, you’re done,” he says. “What we find is the tire is no longer the limiting factor.”

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