In this week’s Word, Peter Johnson, resident agronomist for RealAgriculture and host of this weekly podcast, answers questions around wheat management, cover crops and manure. Plus, we should probably talk about that Wheat Pete-ism suggesting buckwheat isn’t a real crop…

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  • NEW intro features Wheat Pete-isms. Some discussion on buckwheat…
  • Winter Wheat:
    • Pounding the nitrogen as soon as you can is NOT a good idea — we have wheat that has too many tillers!
    • If you have really advanced wheat and manage it as you normally would, you could lose a tremendous amount to lodging.
    • No more of this doggone fifty-mile-an-hour crop survey from the pickup truck window!
    • Split nitrogen is just as important on early planted wheat as late planted winter wheat. Don’t want to starve wheat, but don’t want to encourage it to support 9 tillers either.
    • If you have to do it in one shot, for goodness sakes, wait as long as possible.
  • Clarifying fertility in high-yield versus low-yield areas.
  • Corn planter – is it economical to add liquid top-up?
  • Cover crops into corn – should I be seeding my cover crop earlier than waist-high?
  • Manure:
    • What about runoff on stockpile? Put it on a high point on the field. If you can, put it between tile drains, and in different places every year.
    • Some weeds will tolerate far higher nitrogen conditions than our crops will.
    • Is manure just a tillage-crutch?
    • If manure is composted, would I need less tillage?
    • Should I use sawdust or straw in my compost?
    • Why are my crops better around my liquid manure tank?


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