On this week’s Word, Peter Johnson, resident agronomist for RealAgriculture and host of this weekly podcast, gets into the hows and whys of reducing phosphorus losses, managing this year’s wheat crop, and tillage on manure.

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  • Ag needs to figure out how to get reduce phosphorus movement into the Great Lakes. Peter discusses the difference between soluble and particulate P. With particulate phosphorus — any tillage that you do, if you get surface movement, you get erosion and movement. No-till reduces movement of particulate phosphorus.
  • Incorporating phosphorus is critical to minimizing movement. Strip tillage works.
  • Should I put early nitrogen on winter wheat? Peter wants your name and number if you’re willing to work with him on an experiment looking at nitrogen timing.
  • What’s the deal with coated clover seed? Focus on cost of seeds per square foot.
  • Using recycled cardboard versus straw versus woodchips — what’s the carbon to nitrogen ratio?
  • Peter discusses tilling manure and whether storing in piles is a good idea (again, don’t spread manure on snow!)
  • Find more info here on the YieldSmart conference this Friday in Waterloo.

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