Ag Minister Agrees to Work With Alberta's AgCoalition on Safety

Alberta Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier has agreed to work with a coalition of farm groups to improve farm and ranch safety in the province.

The Alberta Agriculture Farm and Ranch Safety Coalition, or the “AgCoalition,” was formed in response to Bill 6 — the Alberta government’s new farm labour legislation. The group aims to provide a unified voice for the ag sector during the government’s upcoming consultations for the regulations supporting Bill 6.

AgCoalition co-chairs Page Stuart and Kent Erickson met with Carlier this week.

“We are pleased that the AgCoalition is recognized as a positive means to move forward on upcoming consultation processes,” said Stuart in a statement after the meeting.

“No one cares more about farm and ranch safety than farmers and ranchers. I am pleased they have come together to work with us to ensure the Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act serves their needs and the needs of their waged employees,” noted Carlier.

AgCoalition representatives will be meeting next week to review the recommended path forward for the consultations.

The government, as well as the coalition, are seeking nominations for people to participate in the the working group, which will develop recommendations on how occupational health and safety practices, employment standards, and labour relations requirements can be applied to farms.


AgCoalition members include:

Alberta Barley CommissionAlberta Hatching Egg ProducersForage Network
Alberta Beef ProducersAlberta MilkHutterite Standing Committee
Alberta Beekeepers CommissionAlberta Oat Growers CommissionLandscape Alberta
Alberta Canola Producers CommissionAlberta PorkPotato Growers of Alberta
Alberta Cattle FeedersAlberta Pulse Growers CommissionWestern Barley Growers Association
Alberta Chicken ProducersAlberta Seed Growers AssociationWestern Canadian Wheat Growers Association
Bison Producers of AlbertaAlberta Turkey ProducersWestern Stock Growers’ Association
Alberta Elk CommissionAlberta Vegetable Growers (Processing)
Alberta Farm Fresh Producers AssociationAlberta Wheat Commission
Alberta Grazing Leaseholders AssociationAlfalfa Seed Commission (Alberta)
Alberta Greenhouse Growers AssociationEgg Farmers of Alberta

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  1. Is there an option of chatting and see how we could work with the coalition. I have great knowledge on the OHS legislation and a farming upbringing. I feel this would be a very good joint venture. I am located in Medicine Hat and founder/owner of Safety Buzz Ltd. I grew up on a cattle, hog and grain farm near Bonnyville Alberta

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