Bayer Will Not Sell InVigor Choice Canola Hybrid in 2016

Up until the end of January, Bayer was planning on releasing the first herbicide stacked trait canola variety.  InVigor Choice intended to provide canola growers with the ability to spray either Liberty or Glyphosate on their canola crop.

Today, James Humphris, Bayer, Manager Oilseed Crops – Traits released the following statement:  

Bayer recently announced the launch of InVigor® Choice LR250 hybrid, the first canola hybrid of its kind to combine the yield performance of InVigor with both LibertyLink® and Genuity® Roundup Ready® trait technologies. Since this announcement, a developments has arisen which will unfortunately now cause us to delay the launch of InVigor LR250 for the 2016 season:

Through our regular seed monitoring measures we have discovered that the quality of the new hybrid seed is not meeting our high-quality standards; therefore we will not be able to offer the limited supply of InVigor Choice LR250 hybrid canola in 2016. At Bayer, seed quality is paramount.

We are disappointed with the decision to delay the launch of InVigor Choice. But our decision to ensure the Canadian marketplace has the high-quality InVigor hybrid canola they’ve come to trust over the last twenty years is important.

The reaction to the release of the glyphosate / liberty tolerant trait stack has been mixed.  Some agronomists and farmers have expressed concern over the actual need for the stacked trait but Bayer has been confident that ultimately if farmers see value they will prove it with acres planted.  It should be noted that this year the release of the Invigor Choice LR250 was very limited to a planned small seed supply. Bayer intends to have seed available in the future.



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