Do you have a neighbour that seems to always have the latest in technology or buys land without ever thinking about ROI, capacity or profitability?  A fellow farmer that seems to have every single possible device, monitor, gadget, or piece of precision farming gear?  A guy that some mislabel as a “progressive farmer” but they are really someone that loves depreciation costs. You all know the “progressive farmer” that buys more land because they are not making more or because 10,000 is a nice round number.

Now don’t worry, Progressive Farmer Guy has friends. He is not alone. He has friends like Golf Guy.

American talk show host Jim Rome made “Golf Guy” famous during one of his historic rants.  Have you ever ran into Golf Guy during your Saturday morning round?

You know who I am talking about. Everyone has seen Golf Guy (lets just hope you are not him).

If you cannot see the below embedded video, find it here

“Dude has so many logos that Nascar drivers think he has to check himself.”

-Jim Rome-

Agriculture takes all kinds, shapes and sizes to perform as a well oiled value chain. During several of my presentations I routinely encounter the farmer that is more interested in looking progressive rather than one that buys technology or engages innovation for pure business purposes.

Some Unique Characteristics of Progressive Farmer Guy:

  • Does not have a tractor over 5 years old.
  • Wears John Deere, CASE IH, or Fendt (insert any brand here) boxers.
  • Never mentions that he farms with his mom and dad.
  • Wears designer jeans with cowboy boots.
  • Is convinced that spending more per acre on snake oil will provide more yield.
  • Won’t treat his seed because he is convinced it doesn’t work but imports some miracle fungicide from China because it’s what people use in New Zealand.
  • Incorporates “big data” into every fifth sentence.
  • Spends the entire winter sitting on grower advisory boards for equipment, chemical and seed companies.

Golf Guy buys the latest driver because its the latest product and it will be what straightens out his awful slice, he buys the new golf shoes because Phil Mickelson wears them, and he hits from the tips because he wants to see the whole course with his 30 handicap.

Like Golf Guy, Progressive Farmer Guy is just as sad, predictable and fun to laugh at.

This post is meant to be fun, if you take offence to any of it you are being, “I Cannot Take a Joke Guy.”  Please don’t be that guy.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Be the “Progressive Farmer” Guy

  1. Love it! I have met farmers like that. One of the nice things about our system is that the marketplace will ultimately decides whether “Progressive Farmer” or laggards like me, will still be farming 20 years from now.

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