atvNot only can it mount easily on ATVs, tractors, skidsteers and dozers, The Perfect TreeSaw requires no hydraulics. It merely relies on the back-and-forth movement of the machine its attached to, making it incredibly safe to use.

Designed to clear underbrush as well as fell trees, the saw cuts flush with the ground, or even beneath it. There are sizes for all needs, ranging from the HR Mini Saw for ATV/UTVs (with a 1-6″ cutting range) all the way to the HRS3000 for 160-200HP bulldozers (an impressive 1-92″ cutting range).

In this video, filmed at Manitoba Ag Days, Todd Botterill of Botterill Sales gives Kelvin Heppner the run-down on The Perfect TreeSaw, covering where the innovation came from, the various units available and how it functions. Botterill also directs our attention to the impressive handmade teeth that keep the unit going.

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