We have many traditions in agriculture. Skills and knowledge in the industry are passed on from generation to generation.  This passing of the knowledge torch is one of the mechanisms that makes agriculture special.  Sometimes our wisdom is built on the passing of legend.  In this case, we’re talking about rain happening ninety days after a fog.

Is this actually true?  Is rain ninety days after a fog scientific or just pure folklore? Take a listen to Shaun Haney’s perspective with a special guest, and have your say — vote in our poll.

RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney on rain 90 days after fog.

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4 thoughts on “Rain 90 Days After Fog — Science or Folklore?

  1. 90 days after a fog! 100% guarantee. In places like Ireland and Englan where it’s always foggy and always rainy.

    I believe it is another way to feed our sometimes delusional optimism. Kinda like the “we have never lost a crop in February wisdom. 😉

  2. Umm, did this meteorologist do a scientific study to disprove the 90 (or some go by 100) days theory? Sorry, if not, then he has no better of an opinion than your Grandpa. I have actually read in the past somewhere that there was an approximately 3 month time frame between weather systems moving in our part of the world. Besides, if this old wive’s tale was only 25% accurate, it would beat the weatherman on most days.

  3. Great Blog ! I have heard this Myth numerous times.. a study done in Iowa.. ‘Starting in October of 2004, Sioux Falls has recorded 74 days of fog during the late summer to early winter. Ninety days after the fog, Sioux Falls recorded snow only six times, rain 22 times. One hundred days after fog, snow was reported 10 times and rain 20 times.

    In general, it rained 30 percent of the time on day 90 and 27 percent of the time on day one hundred. Snow is a little harder to come by, only eight percent of the time 90 days out from fog but it increases to 14 percent by day 100. ‘ So.. 30% ? Ya.. It’s True ! ;o)

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