In this week’s Word, Peter Johnson, resident agronomist for RealAgriculture and host of this weekly podcast, answers questions around cover crops, rotations, red clover, fertility and insecticides.

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  • Brewers in England will no longer accept barley that has been sprayed with growth regulators.
  • “The value of pipe is just behind the value of quota.”
  • Any new insecticide seed treatments coming down the pipeline to target bean leaf beetle?
  • Extensive study on red clover in Brant County showed the most consistent was March seeding, December the least.
  • Single cut or double cut red clover on heavy clay soil?
  • Under-seeding wheat — red clover or alfalfa?
  • Worrying about preferential flow of nutrients in manure.
  • Putting a value on corn stover for compost.
  • Overcoming low pH.
  • Building soil ahead of soybeans.

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