“I don’t need to exercise because I work outside.”

“I am farming — I have no time to eat right or exercise.”

Are these quotes from you? Do you make time for healthy eating and exercise during the week?

Back in the 1930’s you needed to have a strong back to be a farmer. The majority of farmers did a massive amount of manual labor. Thank goodness farming has advanced in methods and technologies available to increase productivity and save farmers’ backs.

One thing that has not increased, however, appears to be our available time. Due to the increases in productivity, producers are accomplishing more in the day, but not necessarily creating more time for themselves.

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Living a healthy, fit lifestyle is necessary no matter what your occupation. Agriculture is no different. Farmers are not omitted from the rest of the working world. You are no different.

As a farmer you can live a healthy fit lifestyle and your employees can too.

A Lethbridge based feedyard encourages employees to access available fitness centers.

I have several farmer friends that run marathons, swim daily, cycle on weekends, take a walk with their wife nightly, or even pump iron in their basement gym.

I asked our TechTour LIVE keynote speaker, Chip Eichelberger whether he believes farmers can live a healthy fit lifestyle.

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