Sprayers — Why Buy When You Can Retrofit?

For many of us, shiny new equipment with the industry’s latest innovations are more than eye-catching — they’re drool-worthy. But, you might not have to rush out to get a new sprayer just yet.

“There’s a lot of things you can actually do to increase the value of your sprayer — or the performance of your sprayer without buying a new one,” spray application specialist Tom Wolf tells us in this interview, adding that people tend to focus on boom upgrades.

“There’s a lot of great new technology out there, and admittedly, we drive a little fast,” adds Jason Deveau, application technology specialist with OMAFRA, “and one of the first things I consider is some aluminum boom extensions, or even replacing the boom with aluminum altogether.”

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In this video, filmed at the Sprayer101 booth at Farmtech, Wolf and Deveau throw away their scripts for an improv conversation with RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney. The trio discuss the many possibilities available to sprayer owners looking to upgrade their current systems, from the heart of the sprayer to individual valve control, and everywhere between.


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