Are You Hanging Out With the Right or Wrong People?

During Techtour LIVE last week I had a farmer come up to me and say, “Shaun, you are so lucky.”

I replied curiously, “why?”

The farmer replied, “Well, because you get to hang out with people like Peter Johnson and Tom Wolf, such inspirational and intelligent people to share ideas with.”

Do you ever lecture your kids about the importance of hanging out with the right crowd? As a kid getting hooked up with the wrong group of kids can have a dramatic impact on their future life path.

Do you really think it is any different for adults?

“Your level of success will equal slightly less than the average of the ten people next to you.”

– Al Shultz –

As adults we are impacted just as much by the group of friends we associate with.  Is Friday the day your friends get drunk or do you try and get some sleep so you can jog Saturday morning with your running club? Do the guys love to play poker on Saturday nights, enabling your gambling habit that realistically you cannot afford? Do you gossip about everyone in the community instead of having conversations about sports, family, politics, the last book you read or things of inspiration? Just like kids, as adults we are influenced by who we associate with.

Who you hang out with determines what you dream about and what you collide with.
And the collisions and the dreams lead to your changes.
And the changes are what you become.
Change the outcome by changing your circle.
– Seth Godin –

Your ability to achieve your goals is impacted greatly by your circle of friends. Whether it’s personal, family, or career goals, your circle impacts your attitude and commitment to your goals.

Think about your goals. Does your circle of friends support your goals or do they think they are silly? Does your circle understand your goals and support your focus by encouraging you to strive for excellence whether it’s about you, family or your career?

In athletics we hear about high performance professional athletes being negatively influenced because their entourage includes people from the old neighbourhood. Sometimes this entourage can keep the rich athlete grounded or drag them into a darker life that is not conducive to achieving high performance in their career. Your farm and family are no different than that professional athlete.

As Chip Eichelberger said on the TechTour LIVE circuit the past two weeks, achieving your goals is based on the decisions and sacrifices you make. Choose your circle of friends wisely to truly achieve your career and family goals.

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2 thoughts on “Are You Hanging Out With the Right or Wrong People?

  1. Great column Shaun. I’ve often said that your friends can lift you up or they can pull you down. In a world where we are taught to have grit or gumption, the reality is that for most of us, the fertilizer and sunshine comes from the company we choose to keep.

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