A Look at John Deere's Technology with Robert Scoble

Agriculture so loaded with changing technology that it’s hard to keep pace as farmer, never mind as someone who isn’t directly involved the industry. Many of us get upset how modern agriculture can be represented as a non-technological industry.

“I don’t farm like grandpa did.”

Increasingly we spend time trying to explain the level of technology to the consumer. The sophistication in the tractor or combine is so impressive it’s hard to get your head around as an industry outsider.

What would this exploration of agricultural technology look like through the lens of a non-farmer? Here’s a very cool video on Facebook posted by Robert Scoble (very famous tech blogger) as he explores the tech offered by John Deere. As someone that gets to interview many tech CEO’s, Scoble’s questions are from the perspective of a curious, tech-savvy consumer.

Tractors, data, farming at John Deere's Technology Innovation Center.

Posted by Robert Scoble on Friday, January 22, 2016

See the video by CLICKING HERE

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