This week’s Word comes from the road, as Peter Johnson is spending the day on the prairies as part of RealAgriculture’s TechTour LIVE…

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    • If you’re short moisture, don’t give up the moisture you have now! Get out there and seed.
    • Risk of in-season leaching.
    • Make sure to stage the wheat crop before applying nitrogen.
    • What about sulphur applications?
    • Can it ever get to the point where you don’t have a marketable product with protein levels in soft wheat?
    • Is it time to consider frost seeding alfalfa or Italian ryegrass over a poor alfalfa stand (previously seeded with barley).
    • Is top dressing over pasture a good idea?
    • What’s the best option for direct seeding corn when the corn rows from two years ago are clearly visible?
    • High sodium soil tests and broadcasting phosphorous.

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