How Are You Celebrating National Soil Conservation Week?

Did you know we’re in the thick of the thirty-second annual National Soil Conservation Week? It runs April 17-23, and gives us a reason to consider the ground beneath our feet.

“Soil conservation is much more than making the land we farm more productive,” Paul Thoroughgood, Soil Conservation Council of Canada (SCCC) chair, said in a release. “Producers see their farms as directly linked with issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, carbon sequestration, water quality, air quality and biodiversity.”

To celebrate sustainability and soil health, the SCCC has launched a photo contest to show Canadians what sustainable farming looks like in Canada.

Healthy Agricultural Landscapes Photo Contest
(April 4-October 21, 2016)

Here at RealAgriculture, we’ve been celebrating as well. In fact, we’ve  compiled lists of some of our favourite tweets of the week, and content from our archives:

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