In this week’s Word, Peter Johnson, resident agronomist for RealAgriculture, covers everything from weather to annual ryegrass control. And, did you get last week’s homework assignment done?

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  • (01:05) Weather Update:
    • (01:12) 7.5″ rainfall from March 21 – April 11 at St. Marys.
    • (01:20) Nitrogen credit out of thunderstorms – worth considering?
    • (01:47) Multi-coloured wheat fields – all it needs is a little bit of dry weather. Wheat is tough.
    • (02:35) More frost heave than we would have anticipated.
    • (03:01) North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee will potentially see freeze injury on wheat that’s two weeks ahead of normal.
    • (03:28) Ilderton saw -8C for three hours might challenge some red clover. Get out there and scout.
  • (03:54) Homework Review:
    • Did you find out you have lousy record keeping on your wheat crops?
    • Did you look at how much phosphorous you had applied versus how much you removed?
    • You really need to be building single digit phosphorous.
    • Now: time to determine what to do going forward.
  • (07:35) Wheat:
    • (07:37) I’ve got big wheat — what do I look for to decide when to put nitrogen on?
    • (08:41) Should we dilute on our first pass?
    • (09:00) What rate of nitrogen and what’s my split for soft red wheat?
    • (10:00) Cleavers and fleabane in wheat. Can I spray, then seed red clover?
    • (10:54) Can I plant wheat this fall if using Step-Up herbicide on sandy, low OM soil?
    • (11:12) Are PGRs no longer allowed?
    • (11:48) Can I ensile wheat and use it as hog feed?
  • (12:07) Barley:
    • How do I no-till barley underseeded to red clover when using dry dairy manure and commercial fertilizer?
  • (12:58) Plant Green:
    • (13:02) Cereal rye and wheat, and want to plant soybeans or corn into it. Is there a formula?
    • (14:05) I have fleabane, how do I handle it and my annual ryegrass?
    • (16:03) Will annual ryegrass in the corn limit nitrogen movement/availability?

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