Wheat Pete's Word, May 11: Sulphur Deficiencies and Spreading Atriplex Going Gangbusters


Wondering why your winter wheat is looking so…blah? Or how it can be safe to seed soybeans when it’s still cold outside? Peter Johnson, resident agronomist for RealAgriculture, returns to answer questions and share his agronomic insight in his weekly update — the Word.

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  • Soybeans
    • 00:59 – “Get out there and plant, plant, plant. It’s soybean time!”
    • 01:20 – Soybeans need warm water, why are you saying to plant now?
    • 02:40 – Even when planting in -2C at night, soil temperatures were warm enough that it didn’t affect soybean growth. Big issue is if you get chased out of the field by cold rains.
    • 03:54 – Edible beans might have to wait – some supply issues.
    • 04:05 – Seeders getting deeper in the hunt for moisture. We’re taking too long, says Johnson, and there’s too much tillage still happening.
  • Wheat
    • 04:47 – Seeing flag leaf emergence in Essex.
    • 05:08 – “If you see dandelions in your winter wheat field, you are not a good manager. It’s easy to control them, it’s called fall weed control…”
    • 05:20 – Dandelions we have clearly documented 22 bu/ac losses in some winter wheat crops.
    • 06:00 – If you see them in your field, plan to get rid of them this fall.
    • 06:06 – As we get into flag leaf stage — No. More. Herbicide.
    • 06:49 – Fungicide timing is now!
    • 07:26 – Half-rate fungicides — “Are you nuts?!”
    • 07:42 – Reports of rust. Lets get that fungicide out there.
    • 07:57 – Why the surfactant burn out of herbicide/fungicide combinations? Low water volumes increase the level of burn. So might environmental conditions.
    • 09:00 – It’s getting late in areas in western Canada, should we increase our seeding rate?
  • Nutrients/Fertility
    • 09:24 – Sulphur deficiencies in wheat. “It’s been cold. The sulphur is not releasing… If you have sulphur deficiency showing in your wheat crop…stream on 3-4 gallons of ammonium thiosul right now — don’t wait.”
    • 10:08 – Expect very low soil nitrogen levels out of organic matter release this spring.
    • 10:37 – For the people who planted corn with all of the nitrogen, we might need to think about a test.
    • 10:55 – Is there a difference between liquid phos and dry phosphorous in terms of availability?
  • Final Questions 
    • 11:58 – Watch the weeds you have.
    • 12:37 – Lots of people waiting to plant soybeans following burn-down. Even 1 day is enough if used 2,4-D, says Johnson.
    • 13:11 – If 50% of soybeans are treated with neonics and an aphid flies in and lands on a plant with no neonicotinoids, does it stay there?
    • 13:59 – Lodging in the oat crop. Isn’t lodging in oats a result of more than just fungicide application?
    • 14:33 – Do the Amish have better soil structure? Maybe we need tractors with legs?

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