Month: June 2016

TWORA — Big Acres, Dry Conditions & Export Fixes — June 30

New numbers say the record lentil crop in Western Canada might be even larger than expected. While there’s potential for a big crop on the prairies, the d-word is starting to be used in parts of Ontario… Happy Canada Day! Mexico’s gift…the announcement that 13 years after BSE they’ll finally resume taking all Canadian beef. Catch up… Read more »

Marketing Strategy Must Account for Big Crop Potential

There’s been no shortage of information for grain markets to digest this week, with Statistics Canada issuing its first acreage estimates since this year’s crop was seeded on Wednesday and the USDA publishing its latest acreage and stocks projections on Thursday. The StatsCan report affirmed the potential for a huge lentil crop on the prairies. Canola… Read more »

Dairy School: Portena Family Plans Expansion With Rotary Parlour

Dairy farm expansion typically focuses on adding more cows to increase production. That’s certainly the case for Monkton, Ontario-based producers Rick and Theresa Portena, but the Portenas also want a better opportunity to milk cows themselves. In this inaugural episode of Real Agriculture’s Dairy School, the Portenas’ share the strategy on why they invested in… Read more »

Categorizing, Treating and Preventing Neonatal Scours in Calves

You go out to check the cows, and you see a calf with scours — what do you do? For many producers, the first course of action involves a bolus gun. But, it’s actions like this that have led Franklyn Garry, professor at Colorado State University, to unabashedly assert that “we grossly overuse antibiotics.” Neonatal Scours… Read more »

Wheat Pete’s Word, June 29: Dry Weather Scares, Curling Corn and Top-Dressing Nitrogen

Dry weather might scare you to death, but what about wet weather? And, corn leaves appear to be wrapping during the heat of the day — what’s up with that? It’s all in this week’s Word, as Peter Johnson, resident agronomist for RealAgriculture, shares his advice and answers your questions in this update for the week… Read more »

Defender Pump Guard Prevents Fuel Theft, and Wins Farm Progress Show Award

Fuel theft is unfortunately an all-too-common problem on farms. As operations grow larger, and with more uninhabited farm yards, thieves may find fuel tanks unsupervised and unprotected. To keep fuel where it’s supposed to be, Kenneth Johnson and Jace Ericson of Estevan, Saskatchewan came up with their own solution: a steel cabinet for fuel transfer pumps on tanks. Their creation — the Defender… Read more »

EU to Issue Last-Minute 18 Month Extension for Glyphosate

After a series of failed attempts by EU member states to reach a consensus to renew authorization for glyphosate, the European Union Commission plans to issue an 18 month extension for the popular herbicide. On Tuesday, just two days before EU authorization for glyphosate was set to expire, Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis committed to extending its… Read more »

More Canola and Lentils, Less Wheat — StatsCan Publishes June Acreage Estimates

There were no major surprises as Statistics Canada issued an updated set of acreage estimates on Wednesday morning, ahead of the USDA’s crop reports on Thursday. Lentils and canola both saw significant increases, while cereal crop acres dipped. The report was based on a survey of 24,500 farms between May 27 and June 12, 2016…. Read more »

Pulse School: Tom Wolf’s Tips for Effective Fungicide Application

A good fungicide application is all about getting the active ingredient where it needs to be at the right time to prevent disease. That can be a challenge in lentils, especially when conditions have been conducive for thick canopy growth, as is the case in parts of Western Canada this summer. “We’re looking for ways… Read more »

Mexico to Drop Restrictions on Canadian Beef, 13 Years Later

As of October 1, 2016, Mexico will fully re-open its border to Canadian beef, ending one of the few trade restrictions that still remain from the initial discovery of a case of BSE in Canada in May 2003. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the announcement in Ottawa on… Read more »

Cigi Welcomes Alberta Farmer to Board

The Canadian International Grains Institute is welcoming a farmer from Bentley, Alberta to its board of directors. Kevin Bender was elected at Cigi’s annual general meeting last week, replacing the retiring Ron Nerland, a farmer from Morrin, Alberta. Jim Wilson, a farmer from Darlingford, Manitoba and Brent Watchorn, executive vice president of marketing with Richardson… Read more »

Wheat School: Talk to Your Buyer Before Using Chlormequat

Before applying a plant growth regulator containing chlormequat to wheat, make sure you’ve confirmed you have a buyer willing to purchase it, because most of the major grain companies say they won’t. Potentially a valuable tool in reducing lodging, many growers are interested in applying Manipulator, a PGR introduced in Canada by Engage Agro in… Read more »

Rebuilding RealAgriculture: New Apps and Website

I’ve got two big things to announce today. First, we redesigned our website back in March (more at the end)…you probably noticed. I apologize for not writing about it sooner, but I’ve been working to get our new iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc) and Android apps launched (which is the second announcement). New App is Customized… Read more »

Corn School: Dry Conditions Magnify ‘Sins of the Spring’

Ontario’s corn crop is holding its own as the final days of a hot, dry June slip past. But with moisture stress increasing, some ‘sins of the spring’ are taking their toll on cornfields, says Pride Seeds Market Agronomist Ken Currah. In this episode of Real Agriculture Corn School, Currah explains that much of the… Read more »

National Survey Shows Farmers Need and Want Mental Health Help

No one is saying farmers aren’t tough. But when it comes to mental illness, it turns out they have the same vulnerabilities as everyone else – and more. A mental health literacy training program and mental health emergency response model for Ontario farmers are being created now, following early results of a study that shows… Read more »