Celebrating Another Year of Great Canadian Food

It’s Food Day Canada, and who doesn’t love the excuse to celebrate the great food cultivated in this country?

The annual celebration was started by Anita Stweart, food laureate at the University of Guelph.

“For years, I’ve cajoled and coached people to cook like a Canadian, now it’s time to shop like a Canadian,” Stewart said in a release. And she’s trying to help people do just that. This year, to commemorate Canada’s 149th birthday, Stewart released a list of 149 made-in-Canada ingredients and products.

“This list is a start to knowing where your food comes from and how to find it so you can celebrate every last tasty morsel grown in Canada. After all, Canada is food and the world is richer for it.”

Food Day Canada has partnered with more than 250 restaurants for this year’s celebrations, and encourages Canadians to share food stories online, and tag food images with #FoodDayCanada or #CanadaISfood.

The Past Year in Food News

A lot has happened in Canadian food news since Food Day Canada 2015, from trendy flavours to big controversies.

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What would you add to the list? And will you be celebrating Canadian food today? 

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