New Challenger Tractor Delivers Power and Flexibility

AGCO has introduced what it calls an entirely new category of tractors with its new Challenger 1000 Series. Dubbed the largest fixed-frame tractors in the world, the Challenger 1000 is touted as a single solution for both heavy draft and row crop work.

The new tractor series was unveiled at a media event at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa this week. In this video, AGCO product marketing specialist Charles Schrader tells Real Agriculture that the tractors combine the power of a small-frame, articulated 4-wheel drive with the flexibility and speed of a lighter-weight, fixed-frame row crop machine. They’re offered in four models ranging from 396 to 517 engine horsepower with a weight range of 31,204 lbs (14,153 kg) to 50,706 lbs (23,000 kg).

Challenger 1000 Series tractors are built upon the new AccuEngineering platform, AGCO’s approach to developing smarter, more intuitive products to increase farm productivity and reduce input costs.

The tractors are powered by a high-capacity six-cylinder, 12.4-liter, MAN engine with VTG turbochargers, which deliver optimum power boost over a wider rpm range. The ‘high torque, low speed’ approach allows the Challenger to run in the maximum torque range while delivering low fuel consumption, making them ideal for heavy draft work.

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