Month: August 2016

Wheat School: New Nitrogen Strategies Needed to Keep Up With Big Yield Potential

It’s been a long time since the last public research was conducted to support nitrogen fertilizer recommendations for wheat on the eastern side of the prairies. “The last time we did publicly-funded research on wheat yields and nitrogen fertilizer recommendations was actually about 45 years ago, so we were dealing with lower yielding wheat varieties… Read more »

Wheat Pete’s Word, Aug 17: Much-Celebrated Moisture, Selective Tillage and Ugly Corn

After weeks of talking about drought, much of Ontario is celebrating. Peter Johnson, resident agronomist at RealAgriculture, and host of the Word, discusses the recent rains, and what management shifts producers will have to consider, plus: spider mites, the pros and cons of tillage, and strip-tilling fertilizer. Listen or download below! And of course, if you… Read more »

Soybean & Pulse Research Agronomist Coming to the University of Manitoba

With the expansion of soybean acres in the west, Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers and the University of Manitoba are collaborating to address what MPSG has identified as a gap in research. MPSG is matching $400,000 from the federal and Manitoba governments to fund a five-year soybean and pulse research agronomist position in the U… Read more »

Richardson Spending $120 Million to Upgrade Lethbridge Canola Plant

Richardson International has announced its investing $120 million to upgrade and expand its canola processing plant at Lethbridge, Alberta. Currently, the company says the facility can process approximately 450,000 metric tonnes per year. The plan is to boost capacity to over 2,000 tonnes per day, and more than 700,000 tonnes per year. Some of the… Read more »

Lethbridge College Introduces First Irrigation Research Chair

With two-thirds of Canada’s irrigated land located in Alberta, Lethbridge College is boosting its capacity for irrigation research. Willemijn Appels has joined the school as its first Mueller Applied Research Chair in Irrigation Science — a position made possible with a $3.1 million gift from Lloyd and Dorothy Mueller announced in 2014. “Producers, businesses, irrigation district… Read more »

Corn School: Protecting the ‘Factory’ Best Defence Against Leaf Disease

Leaf disease can strike anywhere on a corn plant, but where does it take the biggest bite out of corn yield? In this Real Agriculture Corn School episode, OMAFRA plant pathologist Albert Tenuta explains that diseases such as northern corn leaf blight (NCLB) and grey leaf spot typically take root in field residue where pathogens… Read more »

“Wake Up, We Need to Bale the Kitchen” — Toy Tractors & Harvest ’16 with the Peterson Farm Bros

It’s been a while since we’ve featured the kings of farm parodies — the Peterson Farm Brothers — here on RealAgriculture. The whole Peterson clan, including mom, makes it into their latest medley, as they reminisce about farming with toy tractors on the kitchen floor while harvesting their 2016 wheat crop. It’s a good one!… Read more »

Chinese Dockage Rules Could Halt Record Run for Canadian Canola Demand

2015-16 was a record year for Canadian canola demand. Export and domestic consumption surpassed the 19 million tonne mark, according to crop year-end numbers from the Canadian Grain Commission — a 16.6 percent jump from 2014-15. “The fact that’s versus 16.3 million tonnes last year. That’s almost mind-boggling,” says Brian Voth of Prairie Farm Consulting…. Read more »

New Centre of Excellence to Bring Livestock Chain Research Together

One of the pillars of Canada’s National Beef Strategy — a strategic plan released in early January, 2015 — is connectivity. Saskatchewan’s Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence fits nicely with this goal, by “bringing together every link of the livestock production chain.” Plans for the Centre were announced in July of 2015, when it received $10… Read more »

Racist, Hateful Comments Can’t Be Ignored

We love to celebrate the farming community. There are many awesome, hard-working people in agriculture. When it comes down to it, the people are what make farming and ranching special. We take pride in what we do and who we are. But let’s face it. Some of these people say stupid things. And it’s not… Read more »

How Would You Fare Against the Best in the World

Competition gives me energy. It keeps me focused. –Conor McGregor– In sports, athletes compete to be the best, both in a team, and on an individual level. Every year (four years in the case of the Olympics) athletes get the opportunity to prove themselves against the best in the world or at their given level…. Read more »

Teens Taking Chances with Food Safety — And We’re All Affected

Safety is one of the key selling points that agriculture uses to promote food produced on Canadian farms. It’s often mentioned in the same breath as freshness, wholesomeness and nutrition, mirroring what consumers say they value (besides local). Farmers take many on-farm measures to keep food safe — using sound environmental practices, and federally approved plant and animal health… Read more »

Arlene Dickinson on Disguised Entrepreneurship and Recognizing Failures

As CEO of Venture Communications, author, and former venture capitalist on the CBC series Dragons’ Den, it’s no wonder Arlene Dickinson needs little introduction. Dickinson was the keynote speaker at the inaugural Canadian Beef Industry Conference on Wednesday, where she led delegates on a tour of her successes as well as her failures. “I think… Read more »

Turning Drone Imagery Into Usable Information

Many farms have purchased entry level drones over the last few years with the aim of using them to make more informed crop management decisions (okay, and maybe also to take some nice farm yard photos and epic Facebook videos of machinery in action). But as Brunel Sabourin of Antara Agronomy explains in this video,… Read more »

Don’t Stop Dis-Believing — This Week in the Grain Markets

Grains this week ended surprisingly barely changed, despite a record world agricultural supply and demand estimates (WASDE) report from the USDA. Going into the report, most of the market was expecting the USDA to update U.S. average yields as growing and crop conditions have been pretty good. Ahead of the report, the market was expecting an… Read more »