A unique, European drill caught the eyes of Ag in Motion delegates this year, just outside of Saskatoon. Though much smaller than many of its competitors — hitting widths between 3 and 9 metres (9.8 and 29.5ft) — the Pöttinger Terrasem packs quite a punch, with the integration of seedbed preparation, consolidation and drilling.

“So you’re getting some weed control with the discs on the front, and then…the full width of the machine there’s packing tires so you get packing there,” explains Willie Gilbert of EuroScot Equipment in Brandon, MB, in the interview below. “And then it works on a double disc seed opener on a five-inch row spacing with an on-row packer behind that again.”

Seedbed preparation is accomplished through two-row, maintenance-free rubber mounted disc harrows.
A packer/chassis combination unit consolidates the soil.
Dual disc coulters drill the seed into the ground.

“We can achieve seeding speeds up to 10mph,” says Gilbert. “When you’re seeding at 9/10mph, you can cover a lot of acres in a day.”

The unit is available in rigid and folding models, and those that offer direct fertilization as well. According to Gilbert, interest in the machine started with conventional farmers and is now starting to bleed over into the organic industry as well.

The Terrasem models have seed hopper volumes ranging from 660 to 880 gallons (with a hopper extension available) and require 110 to 500 HP. The drills are ISOBUS-compatible.

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