Racist, Hateful Comments Can't Be Ignored

We love to celebrate the farming community. There are many awesome, hard-working people in agriculture. When it comes down to it, the people are what make farming and ranching special. We take pride in what we do and who we are.

But let’s face it. Some of these people say stupid things.

And it’s not okay to just stand by and ignore what they’re saying.

I’m referring to the comments being made by some farmers on social media following the fatal shooting of Colten Boushie on the farm of Gerald Stanley near Biggar, Saskatchewan.

The RCMP say Boushie — a 22-year-old Indigenous man — and four others drove onto the farmyard around 5:30pm on August 9. There was a verbal exchange and a gun was fired, resulting in Boushie’s death. The police have charged Stanley with second-degree murder. Boushie’s family said the group visited the farmyard to ask for help with a flat tire. Three of the people in the vehicle with him were also taken into custody in an unrelated theft investigation.

It will be up to the court to rule on what actually happened on Stanley’s farm, but the extreme comments posted online — many, sadly, by farmers — have been appalling and disgusting.

Among the harvest updates and machinery questions posted on the Saskatchewan Farmers Group on Facebook, there’ve been plenty of comments on Boushie’s death (administrators changed the group to ‘secret’ last week, so only the 4,000+ members can view it):
“Whatever, he’s brown bread now.”
“That farmer should have pumped the rest of them off too.”
“His only mistake was leaving three witnesses…”

“Time to go all cowboy and indian on these useless leaches…”

You get the picture.

Meanwhile, two fundraising campaigns on GoFundMe — the first for Stanley’s legal fees, and the second, to support his wife, have been taken down. Thousands of dollars were pledged before the pages disappeared.

Sitting on the tractor thinking about it over the weekend, I tried to process this mess and how people on both sides have responded. It’s obviously a complicated issue, involving race, the right to defend, and years of prejudice. But whatever happened on Stanley’s farm, one thing is clear: the hateful comments by these people — on both sides — need to be denounced.

As Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said, “this must stop.” They’re unacceptable.

I mean, how can we demand public respect for farmers while there are farmers on Facebook talking about having their front-end loaders ready to dig holes for dead First Nations people?

Hopefully the facts surrounding the shooting will come out in court and the appropriate verdict will be issued. In the meantime, generalizations about race are no better than generalizations many people are now making about racism and bigotry being rampant among rural white people.

Sadly, racism and hatred still survive in many parts of society. We tend to think these are only issues in other parts of the world, where we can’t do anything about them. Unfortunately, the response to Boushie’s death shows they’re not far away.

3 thoughts on “Racist, Hateful Comments Can’t Be Ignored

  1. Let’s not forget racism goes both ways !
    I agree some of those comments just show the ignorance of some people ! And maybe if people would let all the facts get gathered and wait or go to court and see what comes out ! I also know the media doesn’t help ! Let’s not put the First Nations people on a pedistal and innoscent from being racist they are just as bad ! It has to stop on both sides !

    1. @Terry, exactly HOW are First Nations people racist?

      Because last time I checked they don’t have the power to commit genocide on whites, steal white children and molest them with impunity, steal white land (oh wait, whites have no land here in Canada, it’s all indigenous lands stolen for whites) and profit from it while excluding white people from the benefits of its exploitation.

      A First Nations person calling a white person names isn’t racism. It’s a sad expression of justified frustration over being systematically genocided, defrauded, murdered, raped, lied to by white invading foreigners for over 200 years.

      Racism isn’t a FN person calling a white person a name, racism is foreign white invaders invading an indigenous people’s homelands using notions of white superiority to justify it and then stealing everything they could get their hands on including indigenous children, and then telling the indigenous people to “get over it” or accusing them of “victimhood” for attempting to get some justice for 200 years of outrageous lies, fraud, and crimes against humanity.

      Not every white person is in denial about what white people have done to indigenous people in Canada, and I for one am sick of white denial of racism or the role of all the abuse in creating dysfunctitonal FN communities rife with substance abuse and despair.

      Canada is a sick, sick country, it’s people like you who made the Holocaust in Germany possible.

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