Versatile Unveils “Adaptable and Rugged” Vertical Tillage Unit

It’s “adaptable and rugged,” and, it’s on the market.

The Viking, Versatile’s brand new vertical tillage unit, was unveiled in July, at Ag in Motion, just outside of Saskatoon, SK.

“It’s designed to aggressively chop, cut and size residue, and mix it into that top one, two, three inches of soil,” explains Trevor Jubenville, in the following interview, filmed at Ag in Motion. “So the idea there is that you’re going to improve your soil health by managing your residue aggressively with this machine.”

The unit offers operators the option of 8 or 9″ blade spacing. The former, suggests the company, is great for residue being cut in smaller pieces, while the latter is suitable for higher residue amounts, or greater working depths.

The SoilRazer VT blades are 1/4″ thick and are built with a sawtooth edge whose flute design allows them to stay sharp as they wear. They come at a standard 20″ diameter, but are available at 22 or 24″ as well, with a maximum working depth of 5″.

The working depth and gang angle of the blades are both adjustable. According to Versatile, a greater gang angle allows for maximum ground penetration, and better mixing of soil and crop residue. A minor gang angle, on the other hand, disturbs the soil less, while leaving the most amount of residue on the surface.

The unit will be available in 28.5-36′ working widths.

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