Growing Series, Ep. 1: Take a Page from 2016 When Writing Your Plan for Next Year


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Sponsored Post: If the average farmer starts making key decisions on their farm in their early 30s and farms into their 70s, you’ve got about 40 seasons to get it right. With that in mind, how do you approach agronomic decisions for each new growing season?

For this first episode of the Growing Series podcast, Janel Delage, agronomist with Cargill, suggests farmers look forward by first looking back to 2016.

Delage encourages farmers to spend some time thinking back on what was a particular issue on each field in 2016 and layer that over the last time you grew the 2017 crop type on that piece of ground. From persistant root rots, to disease and insects that don’t adhere to our man-made boundaries, anticipating the challenges for 2017 is all about understanding what was there before.

Once you’ve identified what you may be in for, it’s time to dig into the agronomic arsenal of practices and products that can counter disease, weed, and insect life cycles to create a total package of yield-promoting decisions.

Listen below for an in-depth conversation on why crop variety selection matters more than ever, how crop diversity still pays (but it pays to be realistic), and how it may be time to try something new on seeding rates and dates.


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