Nuhn’s Lagoon Crawler Stirs It Up

Three years ago Nuhn Industries’ first Lagoon Crawler emerged from the company’s Sebringville, Ontario plant. Today, the amphibious vehicle designed for agitating lagoons can be found on farms across North America and also in Russia and China.

Real Agriculture caught the Lagoon Crawler in action last week at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario. In this video, Nuhn service manager Frank Niekoley explains that the remote-controlled vehicle is powered by a 250 HP Cummins engine and pumps up to 10,000 gallons per minute to deliver aggressive agitation of sands and solids that settle on floor of agriculture lagoons and tanks.

The unit simply drives itself into a lagoon, where it turns into an agitation boat. With a lift bar, the machine can be lifted via crane into any type of lagoon including straight wall pits and slurry stores. “With four foot of ground clearance it can drive over rough terrain; where there’s enough traction, it will drive itself back out,” says Niekoley.

About 180 of the Lagoon Crawlers have been sold. Niekoley says the majority of the units can be found on large dairy and hog operations or are run by custom operators. “There are big farms that will have three or four of them. Small operations may own one with a neighbour and share,” notes Niekoley.


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