Farmers and rural residents are fed up with sky-rocketing hydro electricity costs, and they’re done being polite about it.

This week at the International Plowing Match, the agriculture and rural community let Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government know — very vocally — just what they thought of a proposed HST cut to ease hydro bill costs. (See that video here). The trouble is, the HST cut will barely cover a quarter of the increase in annual costs most rural and farming residents have faced in the last 18 to 24 months. For example, the “delivery charge” for a rural property vs. an urban one is more than double — to the tune of hundreds of dollars.

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We decided it might be helpful to talk solutions rather than problems, so we’ve started the poll below to gather some (non-scientifically valid) stats on what Ontario’s rural and farming community would like to see happen to rectify the situation. Sure, it’s no Liberal party petition against the Liberal party’s own policies (seriously, read that here) but maybe some constructive feedback will help?


Tune in next week when we share the results!

One thought on “Poll: What Should Happen to Ease Hydro Costs?

  1. A big part of the escalation in hydro cost is the GEA. There should be a reduced hydro rate for areas outside the GTA who did not vote to keep the Liberals in power and a significantly higher rate for the GTA and for landowners who were complicit in the GEA by hosting wind turbines and/or solar panels. These landowners thought to benefit from the GEA while everyone else pays for it – let them contribute towards high hydro costs from which they are benefiting.

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