Unlocking the Secret of Winter Wheat

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Sponsored Post: There’s a great secret held by many progressive western Canadian farmers.

Unlocking profits on every acre takes a mix of being creative, changing gears, and trying something new. Those who do, can reap not only agronomic benefits, but may also add to the all-important bottom line.

The great secret is winter wheat.

According to the Western Wheat Initiative, in the last four years, winter wheat has out-yielded CWRS varieties by 19%. On yield merits alone, it’s odd that winter wheat only covers one million acres in Western Canada.

Winter wheat curious? Here are six reasons you should consider winter wheat this fall

  • Yield — All farmers care about yield. Winter wheat delivers.
  • Keep it covered — A growing plant minimizes water and wind erosion risks and protects the soil
  • Get a head start on spring work — planting in fall lessens the work load in the spring.
  • Water use efficiency — Take advantage of early spring moisture! The crop is already emerged during the spring thaw. Instead of waiting for the fields to dry up before you plant, your winter wheat is using that moisture, and plant growth is underway early in the spring.
  • Time management — Winter wheat spreads out your spraying and harvest demands. The spray and harvest window for your farm is increased due to the earlier crop staging of winter wheat.
  • Marketing options — Winter wheat is versatile, and is used for milling, feed, and silage. Having end-use flexibility is worth so much in today’s fast changing agriculture market.  Some farmers don’t realize winter wheat is not just a viable option for the milling or feed market, but is a great option for silage as well as discussed by Ross McKenzie.

Unlock the best kept secret on the prairies and plant winter wheat this fall on your farm. Give Haney Farms a call at 403.738.4517 and talk to Sandra about how you want the all the advantages that winter wheat provides.