Could the great dry up finally be on for Western Canada? Will we stay frost-free to Thanksgiving?

Real Agriculture’s Shaun Haney is joined by senior agriculture meteorologist for DTN Bryce Anderson to talk current weather trends for Western Canada —  including what’s behind the cool, wet weather trend most farmers have been grappling with for some time.

In the quick re-cap below, Anderson pegs the first hard frost well into the first week of October, and explains why we should see a drying trend for the Prairies. He also explains what a Bermuda high is and how its been flexing its muscle into the Midwest and that’s pushed wet, cool weather north. Give it a listen.

One thought on “Warm and Dry — Western Canadian #Harvest16 Weather Forecast

  1. i just listened again to mr. andersons Oct 1 weather forecast for western Canada. as I see combines parked at “the next swath” I wonder if they were taking advise by his forecast. not much has happened with the western Canada harvest since the dry Oct forecast. reminds me of grandparents telling me “to give er while the sun shines.” how true now, looking back. my belief in forecasters is more in looking back than foreward!

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