Calf Feeders, Trains, and Water Troughs — 101 Uses for Used Plastic Barrels

We might be exaggerating on the number, but if ever you’re not sure how to repurpose a container, stack of lumber, or hunk of steel, just throw a photo on Twitter and watch the farmer ingenuity pour in.

Friend of the site and funny talker, James Robinson, from Kendal, Cumbria, England, posted the following on Twitter:

The responses were swift, and while some bordered on silly (like a wagon train), there were more than a few solid options for repurposing (the second R!) those handy blue barrels.

From water troughs, to calf feeders, to bird houses, to calf-coat storage, to hay racks, the thread is full of not just clever builds, but also down-right affordable alternatives to those pesky mass-manufactured, name-brand alternatives.

I invite you to go check out the thread (and follow @JRfromStrickley while you’re at it) to get some inspiration, should you be looking for some winter projects, and, pretty please, we’d love to see what other repurposing projects you’re most proud of. Email, tweet, text, or fax* us your best!

*We’re kidding. Fax machines should be outlawed.

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