Looking for a faster way to triple rinse your sprayer? OMAFRA’s application technology specialist Jason Deveau has an idea for you.

At Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (COFS), Deveau teamed up with HJV Equipment’s Adam Ireland to demonstrate the concept of continuous rinsing. In this video, Deveau notes that the concept comes from Europe where there is heightened concern about contamination where sprayers are cleaned and filled.

He further explains that the continuous rinsing system will allow applicators to reduce residue in the tank to at least the levels achieved by triple rinsing, and do it in one-third of the time.

For COFS, Ireland built the continuous rinse system into a RoGator 700 to demonstrate how it works. Deveau has also published a paper on sprayers101.com explaining the concept.

“It doesn’t replace a full decontamination,” says Deveau. But it’s an excellent option for applicators who don’t want to let chemical sit in the tank, or those who want to do a quick rinse to prevent residue build-up during the day.

“It’s a fast and effective way to save potential problems with residue later on,” adds Deveau.



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  1. Is there supposed to be a video in this artical. I’ve tried to listen to it and watch it and I cannot do so. This isn’t the first time this has happened within these articals.
    Please advise.

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