Looking to avoid downtime when uploading grain? Tired of shovelling grain away from the bin wall that the sweep can’t reach?

These are two headaches GSI wants to remedy with its new grain bin direct gear drive (DGD) power sweep. The company showed off the DGD power sweep last month at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa. In this video, Greg Trame, GSI’s global product manager for storage, reviews several features of the power sweep, including a heavy-duty gear box designed for greater reliability and longevity; a single-piece back shield with torque tubing that delivers increased sweep auger rigidity; and design upgrades that allow the sweep to get closer to the floor and the bin wall for better cleanout.

The DGD power sweep is available for GSI’s 15 and 48-foot bins, with 8-inch augers; and in 24 and 72-foot bins with 10-inch augers. Trame says the new bin sweep will be available in January 2017.

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