Digital Farming — What Role Does Bayer Plan on Having?

Farmers and ranchers have always been interested in technology, especially if it enhances profitability. The rate of change of products and services coming to market is extremely fast. Silicon Valley and traditional agriculture businesses such as John Deere and Bayer are all trying to establish their footholds in the future of digital farming.

Chris Paterson - Bayer

At the recent Bayer Agronomy Summit, Shaun talked to Chris Paterson, Digital Farming Lead-Canada, Bayer, about how Bayer is approaching the concept of digital farming and how will it benefit farmers in the short and long term.

Shaun and Chris discuss why Bayer has a Digital Farming division, what the objectives  are, and what technologies and concepts they are most excited about. Chris has some interesting thoughts on what kind of technologies they are researching and how it’s important that any developments support Bayer’s current products in the market.  Based on the response that Shaun saw at the conference from some of the top agronomists in Canada, there is a definite desire to push the envelope.


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