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Growing Series – Ep3 – Marketability of Poor-Quality Wheat


What a year 2016 has been. Maintaining the quality of this crop through tough summer conditions and the epic harvest weather setbacks has proven to be a major challenge. In this episode of the Growing Series Podcast sponsored by Cargill, we get the facts on quality, how it will impact marketing, and then hone in on controlling what you can agronomically to lower quality risks in the future.

Phil Oswald joins host Shaun Haney to discuss the quality of the this year’s crop considering the adverse conditions that growers have been facing. Despite having been in the grain business for a long time, Phil says some of this year’s issues are career firsts.

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Mike Morlock will finish up discussing some of the agronomic strategies and tactics you can take to best manage the things that are in your control. Clearly weather is not in your control, but taking care of the controllable variables gives you the best chance to succeed as along as mother nature cooperates.



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