Growing the 4-H Movement Globally: Jen Christie

Next year marks Canada’s 150th birthday, and you can bet there will be some phenomenal events held in conjunction with the occasion. For the agriculture industry, 4-H Canada is planning a summit of global proportions.

In this interview filmed at October’s Advancing Women Conference, Shaun Haney sits down with Jen Christie (@savvyfarmgirl), newly-minted chair of the 4-H Canada Global Summit, set to go at Ottawa next July 11 to 14, 2017.

As Christie explains in the video below, 4-H around the world is centered on four themes: science and technology; communication and community engagement; agriculture and food security; and, environment and healthy living, 4-H. This summit is a way to bring together members and alumni from around the world. Listen below to hear more!

Learn more about the global summit here:


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