Are you regularly grumpy? Do you know someone that’s happy all the time and wonder, what is wrong with him? Is he/she just way too happy?

To turn the tables: are you as happy as you could be?

Sometimes in our busy lives we struggle to find happiness on a daily basis. Many times it’s much easier to be regretful, hateful, or cynical.

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Recently, at the Advancing Women Conference in Toronto, I chatted with New York Times best-selling author, Marci Shimoff. One of Marci’s best selling books, Happy For No Reason, was the subject of her keynote presentation. Marci was very entertaining and even ran an experiment during the interview that shows the power of thought in performance.

One thought on “Happy for No Reason — Switching Our Brains to Think Positively

  1. Shaun, excellent clip with Marni Shimoff! Gonna spread it around, especially to those coldest to me. Keep up the great work, love the program!

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