Health Canada’s plans to phase out use of a specific neonic insecticide, the EPA has raised its ethanol mandate in the U.S., people from more than 70 countries are looking for beef genetics to take home from Agribition…there’s plenty to cover on this Friday edition of RealAg Radio.

Guests include Blake MacMillan, chair of the international business program at Canadian Western Agribition.

Greg Hamilton and Kate Fenske of CN Rail join Kelvin to discuss grain shipping performance this fall and steps CN has taken to prevent a repeat of the grain backlog in 2013-14 as another large crop hits the market.

We wrap up the show with this week’s Word from Wheat Pete, discussing corn seed treatment comparisons, strip-till tips and much more.

Tune in each weekday to SiriusXM’s Rural Radio Channel 147 at 4 p.m. (eastern) to hear the day’s show! (Psst — Sirius is free until Nov 29.)

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