Baby, It's Cold Outside (A Rancher's Rendition)

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is a Christmas classic, written by Frank Loesser in 1944, in which a female singer explains why she’s unable to stay for a romantic evening.

As anybody who has animals that need tending knows, the idyllic moments of the holidays can be fleeting. It’s less cozy time in front of a crackling fireplace, more bellowing barn noise and -40 degree windchill. After all, there are chores that must be done.

And so for this holiday season, we’ve dusted off a rancher’s rendition of this Christmas favourite, recorded by an artist who’s previously been referred to as Sally Rancherette (and as our Alberta field editor here at Real Ag).

Enjoy. And Merry Christmas!


I really can’t stay
I’ve got to feed hay
And shovel that bin
Just look at the price
Oh look it’s starting to flurry
I wonder if I closed the barn door
No really, I’d better scurry
Well, maybe just a hot toddy more
The calves will need straw
Water bowls to thaw
Then to check that cow
And update Excel
I oughtta say no, no, no sir
At least I’m gonna say that I tried
I really can’t stay
Oh baby, it’s cold outside
I simply must go
The answer is no
The welcome has been
So nice and warm
But now I’ve gotta be ambitious
My brother can’t do another chore
His TMRs aren’t nutritious
I’ve gotta make my way out the door
I’ve got to go farm
Say, pass my Carhartt
You’ve really been grand
Oh, but don’t you see
There will be more work tomorrow
You could come along for a tractor ride
I really can’t stay
Baby, it’s cold outside

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