More Options for New Holland SmartTrax

New Holland is expanding its SmartTrax offering for 2017.

The new SmartTrax options for T9 Series tractors were rolled out earlier this year at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa. In this video, New Holland cash crop marketing segment lead Dan Valen explains the evolution of the company’s SmartTrax technology and how it compares to market competitors.

Valen notes that many farmers appreciate the “heavy-duty ruggedness” of the New Holland SmartTrax modules, but they want a lower cost entry point as well as better turnaround capability.

“That’s where the new T9 Standard Track module comes in,” says Valen. “These models will deliver best-in-class turnaround capability… and customers will see around a US$30,000 price difference compared to previous models. The new Standard design offers a cost-effective alternative to the premium Hi-Idler, featuring the same benefits with the exception of the aggressive approach angle.”

Both the Hi-Idler and Standard modules are available with agricultural lug tread or new deep lug tread for added traction on the T9.600, T9.645 and T9.700 vehicles. The agricultural lug tread has a tread height of two inches, while the deep lug tread height is 2.6 inches, making it a good fit for very wet conditions or in loose or softer soils where traction is difficult to achieve. Both track belts are designed with a 153.3 mm (six-inch) tread spacing, which improves traction in wet or soft ground conditions and optimizes tread cleanout in muddy or sticky field conditions.

The new belt traction lug, available on both Hi-Idler or Standard designs, features a redesigned front idler, which the company says increases the life of the traction lugs up to 40%.

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