Marketed as “the world’s first cordless fencing stapler,” the STOCKade ST400i won first place in the innovation contest at Agri-Trade in Red Deer, Alta., this fall.

The cordless stapler has more power than a pneumatic fencing stapler and does not require a compressor and hoses, notes Axle Boris of Langley, BC-based FenceFast Ltd., in this video recorded at Agribition in Regina last month.

The concept is similar to an internal combustion engine. A battery powers the electronics and fuel delivery, but the actual force to drive up-to-2-inch, 9 gauge barbed staples comes from firing a butane-type fuel, he explains.

“You’ll typically drive staples 5 to 6 times faster on barbed wire. If you’re into bison mesh or livestock mesh, it’s probably 10 to 15 times faster, and big tall game fence, we’ve proven at least 15 times faster for stapling,” he says.

From a cost perspective, the company sells its pneumatic version of the ST400 for around C$1,180 online, while the ST400i retails for around C$1,900. The cordless model doesn’t require an air compressor, but the operating cost is higher since it uses the fuel canisters, which are rated for around 500 staples at -15 degrees.

In addition to cattle fencing, Boris says they’re seeing the cordless stapler being used for fencing in wildlife control and fruit production in B.C.

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    thanks in advance.

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