SunGold Specialty Meats Looks To Grow Lamb Consumption and Production

Lamb is still considered a niche market in Canada, but unlike some other red meat, consumption is on the rise. Once largely thought of as only a choice for the ‘ethnic’ food market or special holidays, SunGold Specialty Meats out of Alberta is looking to increase lamb consumption by all Canadian consumers.

SunGold Speciality MeatsAs Kurt Paskal, manager of producer relations and lamb procurement for SunGold, explains, consumers may be put-off by the premium pricing, but it’s often a lack of confidence is how to prepare lamb that holds many back from buying it.

In the interview below. Paskal talks with Shaun Haney about the lamb market in Canada, about SunGold’s ‘Lamb Tonight’ product, and their how-to line of YouTube videos that teach consumers how to cook and enjoy lamb.

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