Whether we’re talking about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s national carbon tax commitment, the signing of the Canada-EU trade deal, the canola agreement with China, or Canada’s primary trading partner electing Donald Trump, there was no shortage of agriculture-related news in Ottawa in 2016.

This year also marked the Liberals’ first full year in power, and Lawrence MacAulay’s first year as Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food.

Back home with family for the holidays, Minister MacAulay took some time to chat about the past year and his priorities for 2017, including:

  • His government’s carbon tax plan, and the impact it will have on farms.
  • New rail legislation, with reciprocal penalties for railways, coming in 2017.
  • What the Trump administration means for Canadian ag, including NAFTA.
  • Will Canada ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership, as Japan has recently done?
  • Plans to unveil the next ag policy framework in 2017 (which will replace Growing Forward 2).

Click below to listen:

6 thoughts on “The Carbon Tax, Trump, & Canadian Competitiveness: A Year-End Conversation With Ag Minister Lawrence MacAulay

  1. Kevin great interview with the Ag minister! If you interview him again in the future could you please ask him why Farmers are not getting a carbon credit? We are one of the few industries that provide a sink for carbon in our production. We grow plants which in turn sequester Carbon into the soil. This continues to not be point that is not addressed both Provincial and Federally, which I think is a major point that needs to be talked about.

    Thanks again for asking some great question to the minister!

  2. Tried to listen to federal ag minister year end interview. First three minutes told me he is a waste of time, absolute company man. Apparently doesn’t understand impact of carbon tax on ag. I just love it when an elected official states we as farmers need to become more efficient.

  3. I wonder how kevin feels after asking the minister some important questions and receiving no more than political fluff in return. not only did he waste kevins time but he just wasted mine as well! Oh, it gives me great assurance that our provincial governments will somehow return the cost of carbon taxes to my farm. And, now I know that newfoundland might be the hub of Canadian agriculture! just in time for Christmas! thanks kevin for your efforts! Merry Christmas

    1. I fully agree that this is a bunch of fluff. We must become more efficient. What a bunch if garbage. What is said that we get a refund. Oh sure you mean to say that when we purchase parts or other needs on the farm that this extra cost will not be passed onto to the farmer. Think again. I farm in Alberta and when we attended the Bill 6 debates there were some government officials saying we can pass on the costs. The same will happen with carbon tax. I would like to know what part of their bodies some government officials use to come up with common sense.

  4. I have been hearing about how farmers can benefit from carbon capture for years now. sounds like liberal pie in the sky hopey changey ! any one who believes liberals will do anything to benefit farmers is living in a fantasy land. it was the liberals that brought us the CAIS program that never paid out to grain farmers during the dirty years of 2000 to 2007. remember trudeau and butts answer to the U.N.not Canadians!

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